Dog and Poka

The second coming is always a delight! oh yeah! ;)

Hello there! Good to have you here! We are Dog and Poka by the way, a latino-scandinavian-independent-kicking ass band! and this is our sweet second album, called "Rocky highs for 3D songs", hope you like it! THANK YOU FOR SUPPORTING THIS PROJECT! ;)

You can download our songs and the beautiful cover art for free here.

Once you're done downloading it we would kindly ask you to donate any amount you wish to one of the organizations we proudly support at the link area. This is still the main goal of the whole project.

If you find any problem doing it by internet just give some bucks to the first beggar you see on the streets today, it is cool too!

We are also giving away our cds again. Just write us an email and we can send it to you, you'll just have to pay for the shipping costs, the cd is for free.

The cds can only be sold by someone that is in need for some donation, this is written on the cd`s cover. At our gift shop we have the vinyl version of our album, beautiful colored and heavy ones, to vinyl lovers like us.
Those are the only products being sold here, and this is gonna help us to afford the recording of our third album, wich is already being produced and will also be given away like the first and the second one.

Thank you for supporting this project! Help us to make this idea bigger, send our link to your mailing list and publish it on your social network profiles! Subscribe to our mailing list and be the first one to get upcoming singles! No fckn spams will be sent, we hate them too!

Send us an email in case you know a serious humanitarian or animal protecting organization you would like to see at our link area, it´s gonna be a pleasure to check them out.


Kind regards
Dog and Poka