Dog and Poka

All the organizations presented here gently allowed us to publish their links on this page.

First you have the name of the organization followed by the link to its homepage, and after that the direct link to the donation area.

Plan Norge  -  Donate

Røde Kors  -  Donate

Casa de apoio à criança com câncer São vicente de Paulo  -  Donate

Gatemagasinet KLAR  -  Donate

S.O.S Gatinhos  -  Donate

WWF-Norge  -  Donate

Foreningen Våre Rovdyr  -  Donate

Dyrebeskyttelsen i Rana, Kattehuset  -  Donate

NOAH - for dyrs rettigheter  -  Donate

Dyrebeskyttelsen Kristiansand  -  Donate

Casa de apoio à criança com cancer Santa Teresa  -  Donate

SOS Racisme (France)  -  Donate

Amnesty International  -  Donate

Karanba  -  Donate

International gay and lesbian human rights commission  -  Donate

SOS Racismo Madrid  -  Donate

SOS Racisme Catalunya  -  Donate

SOS Rasisme Norge  -  Donate